Our organization

Innovative and effective interventions delivered to the most disadvantaged.

Our organization

Innovative and effective interventions delivered to the most disadvantaged.


Women and Health Alliance (WAHA) International is a non-profit, non-governmental medical organization based in Paris, France. WAHA International is committed to offering comprehensive health care services to impoverished communities and persons, giving priority to those who are most vulnerable especially women and children. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of health with other sectors such as sanitation, nutrition, and livelihoods and therefore aim to provide holistic, sustainable and culturally-appropriate solutions to improve the health of disadvantaged communities throughout the world.


WAHA International’s approach is to connect innovative solutions and new technologies with capacity building activities aimed at engaging all levels of the community. WAHA’s approach does not rely on the dichotomy between “emergency” and “development” contexts, but rather focuses on identifying the best ways to address gaps in healthcare provision, and reducing suffering, in any setting where we believe that we can have an impact through our work. In close collaboration with local partners, we mobilize communities to be empowered and autonomous, always with the utmost respect for the environment in which we operate.

We also involve local organizations, including local and international universities, to boost the academic health sector and ensure the success and sustainability of the projects.


Innovative Solutions

WAHA places innovation at the heart of every humanitarian project by developing new systems to save lives and improve daily life. We created and deployed motorcycle ambulances around the world to improve access to health services and ensure that medical aid is received in a timely manner. During the Ebola epidemic, we developed and distributed individual isolation units to treat patients. Now, we are harnessing the power of mobile networks to reach out to the most vulnerable women and girls in the world.

Comprehensive Response

We are committed to improving the overall quality of health services and increasing access to healthcare, as this has shown to have a direct impact on maternal and child health outcomes. We strive for a comprehensive approach including delivering Integrated Management of Child Illness (IMCI), responding to acute issues and the three delays related to maternal mortality, and rebuilding infrastructure in post-conflict zones while delivering essential primary care.

Health System Strengthening

Health system strengthening transcend all of our programs and activities. It is a common link within all of WAHA’s efforts to support the development of sustainable and efficient health services. This includes capacity building through community mobilization for the training of health workers as well as national level coordination between ministries of health and other key networks such as national midwives associations.


WAHA International was founded in France in 2009 and  Headquartered in Paris, France, WAHA has carried out missions in more than 50 countries, primarily in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. We have grown to over 450 staff members and have established many partnerships with institutions, universities, ministries, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as with internationally renowned experts from around the globe. WAHA’s charitable association status was approved by the French authorities in October 2012.


In addition to the principles of medical ethics, WAHA International adheres to the following principles and values:


We carry out our international missions without any distinction regarding race, ethnicity, religion, political or philosophical convictions.


We support and implement programs that provide access to free medical care, psychosocial support, and treatment to benefit even the most disadvantaged.


We encourage the active engagement and genuine partnerships with the communities where we work.

Evaluation and Efficiency

We carry out rigorous evaluations to build on lessons learned and to improve the impact and effectiveness of our actions.

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