In February, WAHA launched its first activities in Northern Syria for displaced people stranded in the province of Aleppo, near the Turkish border.

unnamed (4)From February 25, WAHA International has set up a first mobile clinic in Northern Syria for displaced people, near the city of
Azaz, in the province of Aleppo, near the Turkish border, and near Kherbet Al Jaouz. We work with a Syrian doctor and a coordinator. The clinic is moving daily to meet displaced people in the camps named Haramin, Iman and Bab Alnour.

Since then, WAHA has built up two other mobile clinics to give medical cares in the north of Aleppo. One of the mobile clinics is running in a camp near Ghafar in the region of Idlib.

Most of these displaced people have fled Aleppo but remain stuck in a camp for internally displaced persons, hoping for the border with Turkey to be open to leave their home country.

WAHA International is also bringing support in two fixed clinics in the same region. We’ve sent a pediatrician as well as medical material and medicines.

WAHA Is working thanks to the help of the French Foreign Ministry and has a team of coordinators based in Gaziantep in Turkey to set up its operations in Northern Syria.

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