On the 17th and 19th of August WAHA International conducted field assessments in Haj Ali area and was the first NGO to set foot in Qayyara district situated on the West Bank of the River Tigris after its liberation from ISIL in August 2016.

WAHA International's medical team in Jhela PHC

After being occupied for 2 years, the population is in urgent need of support in terms essential living requirements, especially since Jhela village will become another main point of settlement for IDPs fleeing the ongoing fighting against ISIL on the road to Mosul.
A local medical team as well as physicians from Erbil (including one gynecologist) will provide primary health care services and reproductive health care services as part of an emergency response plan for IDPs and Host Communities in the area.
WAHA International provided first activities in the district of Jhela with primary health care on the 24th of August, less than a week after its first field assessment! WAHA will start supporting Haj Ali primary health care tomorrow with a full medical team, and finally a Mobile Medical clinic is arriving from Erbil.
Because good news come in pair, on its first day of our activities in Jhela, WAHA International was happy to welcome its first baby… who was given the name of Tayseer (our Desk Manager) in sign of gratitude for arriving in the area! Truly a motivation boost to the dedicated teams of WAHA International providing medical support to the population of Iraq.


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