WAHA International launched this week a new campaign to repair obstetric fistula in Zimbabwe, under the leadership of Dr Jean de Dieu Yunga Foma, our medical coordinator for East Africa.

Three campaigns have previously been successfully conducted in May, July and August 2010 in Bulawayo (southwest) by the renowned surgeon, Dr Tom Raassen, and three others in 2014 by Dr Ambaye Wolde Michael, our medical coordinator in Ethiopia. The operations are taking place over a two-weeks period at the Harare Central Hospital and are following a first round of interventions, which took place between 29 March and 4 April at the Parirenyatwa Group Hospital. The initial objective of this new “fistula campaign” funded by the Fistula Foundation was to operate 80 women in nine months. Thanks to the effectiveness of our field communication campaigns, 39 women have already been successfully operated and Dr Yunga hopes to operate 25 additional patients during this second session, and while patient registrations are still opened, 150 additional operations are already planned before the end of the year.

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