A WAHA medical team intervened at the Morning Star Hotel for a refugee who had fallen and broke his leg.

In addition to the Suda camps and the Vial hotspots, WAHA’s medical team is working in the Alternative Accommodation Facilities (AAF) on the island of Chios.

On January 10th at midnight, WAHA’s medical team received a call from the reception of the Morning Star Hotel for a man who had fallen and injured his legs. After a short phone diagnosis to evaluate the severity of the injury, Dr. Mohamed, who is specialized in orthopaedic surgery went to the hotel to examine him. Dr. Mohamed decided to put a cast on the leg and to send the patient to the hospital in Chios for X-rays and for a full orthopaedic consultation.

The consultation determined that the patient suffers from osteoarthritis in the left and right knees as a result of a car accident 5 years ago. He uses crutches and on the evening of the incident had fallen on his left knee. He was prescribed injections for a period of 10 days, and will have daily home visits from WAHA’s nurse Pantelis. Home visits were recently added to WAHA’s provision of services to better respond to the needs of the population living in the AAFs.

Chios-SucessStoryTo alleviate any additional pressure on the local emergency and ambulance services during the night shifts where there are less drivers and ambulances available, WAHA through our specialized medical provider was  able to handle the emergency and to refer the patient in stable condition. This is one of the primary purpose of WAHA’s actions in Chios, supporting the local health system to cope with the patient Health needs without impacting the quality and accessibility of care for both refugees and locals.

In January 2017, 282 medical consultations were delivered to refugees by WAHA medical teams in the AAF. Coordination with the NGO Arsis is in place and joint visits are organised, especially for the arrival of new patient. In order to increase the follow-up of chronic and vulnerable patients, a WAHA nurse is fully dedicated to the AAF PoC medical follow-ups in Chios.

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