WAHA Hellas took part at the Summer School on ‘The Migrant Crisis within the Greek context’, organized by City College, the International Faculty of University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki. Following the invitation to hold a presentation about the operations of the WAHA Greece, Masa Misic, field coordinator of WAHA, North Greece Mission held a two hours long lecture to Greek and international students about WAHA activities in Greece.

During her presentation, she explained to students what WAHA has been done for refugees in Greece since 2015. She shared information about the 32.000 medical consultations that WAHA doctors and nurses provided to refugees within the ECHO funded project “Support to Refugees in Greece through an Integrated Shelter Model – Rapid Mobility Solution (ISM-RMS)” as implemented partner of ASB which started in May 2016.

Educating as many people as possible about the challenges that refugees are facing daily can help finding solutions to various problems and establish paths and new successful mechanisms.

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