On 12th June, a massive food poisoning occurred in Hasan Sham U2 Camp in Iraq. Our medical team was very reactive and treated 347 patients.

On June 12 th at 08:30pm, after people in Hasan Sham had their Iftar meal which was composed by rice, beans, chicken and yogurt, families started to come to our clinic complaining of repeated vomiting with abdominal pain. The majority of the sick persons were women and children, they received this meal from a non-governmental organisation.
WAHA received a call from the director of DOH so our Head of Mission instantly decided to send 3 ambulances with 14 medical personnel to Al Khazer Camp which was the reference point for all ambulances. About 740 individual from Hasan Sham U2 camp were affected (information from camp management) and WAHA’s medical team treated 246 people in its clinic. During all night our team worked tirelessly to treat 347 patients.

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