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In Mombasa, motorcycle ambulances help women to deliver babies.
2017-09-18 by Waha International
Chios-Greece: WAHA Rescue Boat in the Mediterranean Sea
2017-09-14 by Waha International
ARTE Reportage: Iraq, La guerre du feu à Qayyarah
2017-03-25 by Stephanie Lamorré
ARTE Journal: Bringing psychological support to refugees in Greece.
2017-03-22 by Adea Guillot
WAHA has provided trainings in the field of uro-gynecology - Report from RTG News in Guinea.
2017-02-14 by WahaInternational
Interview of SINAN KHADDAJ for WAHA International - Télématin - France2 - French TV News.
2016-10-24 par WahaInternational
WAHA in the ARTE French TV News about our medical activities in Qayyarah-Iraq
2016-10-24 by WahaInternational
Development Marketplace: Innovations to prevent Gender-Based Violence
2016-07-05 by WahaInternational
An interview of Ali, WAHA's coordinator in Chios-Greece
2016-01-15 by WahaInternational
WAHA's action in 6 locations in the Balkans
2015-12-30 by WahaInternational
Two Syrian women helped by WAHA in Serbia
2015-12-15 by WahaInternational
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