On the 14 October 2009, The People Daily, a local Kenyan newspaper, published an article about the most recent fistula treatment camp that WAHA organised in Kisii District, Kenya.

Local newspaper talking about WAHA

A recent fistula treatment camp sponsored by WAHA has been highlighted in a local newspaper. The article which appeared in The People Daily, talks about the difficult lives of women living with fistula, sometimes for a period of years. It points out the inadequacies of maternal healthcare in East Africa and explains that every year thousands of new cases appear in Kenya alone. The WAHA fistula treatment camp made the community aware of the medical and social issues that surround fistula. Indeed, around 50% of the camp’s patients reported how they had been chased away from their home due to the stigma surrounding this condition. Many women hope that after the surgery, they will be accepted again in their homes and communities. In total, 120 women were screened for fistula repair operations, while many others will know they can be healed and that they don’t have to suffer in silence anymore.

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