Today I can start a new life, after 25 years of exclusion while suffering of an obstetric fistula
Moudka Jacqueline is 45 years old. In 2013 she was operated of an obstetric fistula at the Center for Reproductive Health and Fistula Repair (CNSRF) in Chad. She had lived with fistula for 25 years, a condition that isolated her and kept her away from all social contact within her community.

Moudka Jacqueline, 45 years old.

Moudka comes from Lai, a region in the south of Chad where she married when she was 17. She had her first pregnancy at 20 and tried to give birth at home, aided only by her family. After 4 days of complicated labor, she was finally taken to the maternity center in Guidari, a nearby village, where she was performed a cesarean section and gave birth to a stillborn baby boy.

Moudka Jacqueline did not know she could be healed. For years she was resigned to endure her condition, until 2013 when she learned she could be cured and searched for help at the CNSRF, where she learned that other women who suffer from obstetric fistula like her were being operated. She could not believe that she was not alone and that there were many others around her healing rapidly after their operations. During her first visit to the center, she was scheduled for fistula repair, which was performed successfully by doctors trained by WAHA.

I am recovering now. And this feeling gives me an immense sense of peace. With the fistula I could not be at ease with the others, not even with my own family. Fortunately, my husband was always supportive and stayed at my side giving a good example. My intervention came out fine and I am better now. Thanks to god and to the medical team of WAHA.”


Moudka is now waiting for a follow up visit before getting back to her village, where she plans to start a new life.

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