Our 4-year programme in Mombasa, Kenya, is entering its second year. Our project was launched in August 2015 and different trainings took place until February 2016, to train midwives, and improve antenatal, natal and maternal care.

With a little delay, our programme stated last August in Kenya and is now entering its second phase. It aims at reducing maternal and child mortality by increasing access to quality health services. We work mainly in Machafuko informal settlement, Mombasa, with our partner CWID.

Since August, we have successfully renovated two health facilities, the maternity unit of Mlaleo Health Center, and the compound for the Junda Dispensary.

WAHA and its partner NNAK conducted a training for 10 Community Health Extension Workers on integration and promotion of maternal and child health services, a training for 10 health workers on youth friendly family planning services, a training for 10 health workers on catheterization to prevent and manage simple obstetric fistula, as well as several on-the-job trainings and Continuous Medical Education (CMEs) activities at the facility level.

Here are our main results:

Result 1 – Increased proportion of pregnant women receiving Ante-Natal Care (ANC), Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC), and delivery in a health facility with skilled attendant

The selection of the 90 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and 8 Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) and the preparation of Information, Education and Communication material (IEC: brochures and leaflets) were done in February and March 2016. WAHA and CWID will work closely to ensure that the delays are mitigated in due time. Sensitization workshop will be organized within the community to promote ANC, HIV testing and delivery in a health facility with a skilled attendant.

Secondly, WAHA International and the partner NNAK conducted a 3 days training in October 2015 for 10 Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) to promote ANC, HIV testing, delivery in health facility with skilled attendant. It was a major milestone in the project as it linked the community aspect with the facility. The process of procurement of the 2 motor-ambulance is also on-going.

Result 2 – Increase number of cases of postpartum complications and OF identified, referred and treated

5 days training for 10 Midwives from the two health facilities and referral centres was conducted late September / early October 2015. The training involved both theoretical training and practical experience.

A follow up coaching and on-the-job training is still on-going with our partner NNAK.

The fistula treatment sessions are planned to start the second year of the program.

Result 3 – Increase proportion of women of reproductive age using family planing services (FP)

Result 4 – Increase proportion of mothers, newborns and children under 5 receiving preventative nutrition services

WAHA participated in the development of the Mombasa County Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP). To respect the decisions of local authorities, we suggested the to change this activity from “Household distribution of MUACs” to “Household screening done by the CHWs and CHEWs”.

Result 5 – New Health Information System (HIS) established for monitoring service use.

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