In Northern Iraq, displaced families and children are still in need of better healthcare facilities. WAHA opened its mission in the country early 2016 after a first exploratory mission. We are now building up our programmes.

unnamed (11)As the situation is still pushing people to flee their home in Iraq, due to on going fighting between the government forces and the Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh), WAHA started new healthcare activities
in Iraq, especially in the Kurdistan, in February 2016.

Our team of two doctors is based in Erbil and has recently been completed by a field coordinator and a logistical administrator.

Our staffs are working in the main clinic in the city of Qadiya to help displaced people, mainly Yazidis. We are bringing support to local health authorities in the form of healthcare material and personnel.

We also helped the reconstruction of the Snuny Hospital, one of the main health centres in the region, with the help of the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP).

We then opened a mobile clinic in the Sinjar Mountains region, visiting six different villages and health centres daily. Most of the displaced people in this region are also Yazidis.


WAHA launched its exploratory mission in Iraqi Kurdistan in December 2015 and consequently opened a health programme to help Iraqi displaced people, pushed by the conflict into more peaceful Kurdistan. Most of them belong to minorities and oppressed communities.

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