WAHA International’s innovative triage system, built at the entrance of the Ignace Deen Hospital in Conakry, Guinea, was well received by the national and the international personalities present at the inauguration ceremony.

The event occurred on May 12th, 2015 and was an important moment for the capital of a country that has been struggling for more than a year against Ebola.

This new triage system will allow a quick and reliable identification and the efficient management of any patient possibly affected by Ebola.

All the present, including Guinean and French officials, international experts, as well as the hospital staff, expressed relief, and Moussa Coulibaly, director of the hospital, said it was “a real revolution”. “It is a visionary initiative which should be duplicated, allowing people to be able to trust and to access healthcare”, Rémy Lamah, Health Minister of the Guinean Republic, added.

WAHA International carries out the project with the help of the World Health Organization and the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Our thermal camera, more reliable than the previous thermo flashs, is effective to identify patients with fever and address them to a doctor in order to go through a careful examination,” Laurianne Lacroix, WAHA International’s head of mission in Guinean, explained.

Weeks of work were necessary to renovate the left side of the hospital in order for it to become the principal entrance for both patients and visitors. “It is an impressive work which shows that it is possible to set up measures that reassure both patients and the medical staff,” said the WHO Representative.

WAHA International also offered 25 motorbike-ambulances during the inauguration, which will allow a rapid assistance to patients (pregnant women, Malaria cases…) who require a rapid hospitalisation. Bertrand Cochery, French ambassador in Guinea, concluded by saying that “this inauguration marks the beginning of a new chapter in the fight against the epidemic and in the construction of a new health system in Guinea.”

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