The World Health Organization has declared Guinea free of Ebola at the end of 2015. The deadliest Ebola outbreak on record is thought to have originated from Guinea nearly two years ago. And WAHA International just received a special Testimony of Satisfaction from Guinea’s Ministry of Health for its involvement against the disease.

WAHA is proud to receive this Testimony of Satisfaction from Guinea’s Ministry of Health regarding our involvement against the Ebola outbreak this past two years.

Guinea is now declared Ebola free, has declared the World Health Organization (WHO).

The country has managed to go 42 days consecutively without any new Ebola infections. And that comes after neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia, the other two West African countries that were hardest hit by Ebola, have been through the same cycle of zero Ebola cases.

Guinea now enters a 90-day period of heightened surveillance to ensure that any new cases are identified quickly before they can spread to other people.

The end of Ebola transmission in Guinea marks an important milestone in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, according to WHO. The original chain of transmission started two years ago in Gueckedou, Guinea in late December 2013 and drove the outbreak which spread to neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone and, ultimately, by land and air travel to seven other countries.

“The coming months will be absolutely critical,” said Dr Bruce Aylward, Special Representative of the Director-General for the Ebola Response, at WHO. “This is the period when the countries need to be sure that they are fully prepared to prevent, detect and respond to any new cases.

Many thanks to all our partners and teams in this project.

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