WAHA International is working in Greece since 2015 as a medical NGO to provide primary health care to refugees. On Chios Island, WAHA is based in Souda and Vial camp; mobile clinics are established within the accommodations Sites. In addition, WAHA is carrying out “home visits” for vulnerable cases currently sheltered in UNHCR alternate accommodation schemes (hotels and apartments). Our team consists of the general staff (GP MD/GP RN) and specialized teams to cover a large range of medical needs: gynaecology team (gynaecologist/midwife), mental health team (psychiatrist/psychologist), paediatric team (paediatrician and paediatric nurse). On Chios Island, WAHA is providing everyday medical assistance and has elaborated an “24/7 on call system” for new arrivals.
Mr A. is from Syria; he is married and has four kids. Currently his wife is pregnant. Tree years ago, he has been injured by a bullet, when he was driving his car in the city of Aleppo. After that he had two heavy neurological surgeries and many debridement on the scars because of the complications of the intervention causing infections. Due to this murder attempt, he is suffering of hemiparesis, epileptic seizure and weakness. Mrs A, is 8 months pregnant and taking care of her 4 young kids aged 6, 4, 3, 1 years old and her disable husband. She is in charge of everything and housework. We started following them few days after they arrived in Chios in October.
For Mr A. when we started taking care of him he was suffering of serious headache, anxiety and insomnia. We referred him to the Neurologist in the hospital to do complementary exams (CT scan and MRI) and we also prescribe blood tests. After that WAHA medical team decided to increase the dosage of his medication and we coordinate with WAHA mental health team for follow-up.
Mrs A. is very exhausted; she cannot rest and take care of herself, as she should do during her pregnancy. She is facing several related pregnancy disease such as urinary infection, vaginal infections, back pain, heartburn, and feel stress. The gynaecological team of WAHA follow her and visit her each time she needs and provide treatment, echo and reassurance. As they are a really vulnerable family, WAHA is following them very closely by the visit of a nurse 3 times per week to assess medical, social problem and ask for intervention of each WAHA specialist when its needed.
The mother was also very worried about her kids and it is very complicated for her to have a look of all of them. One day the oldest soon fell down on the floor and open his head and need to go to the hospital. WAHA nurse went with them in order help them with translation, details on the accident and also to stay with her 1 year old kid in the waiting room when the mother was taking care of her son.
Actually, the heath of Mr A. is really improving he is able to go out on his own, he don’t have headache anymore, his global quality of life improve. Mrs A. seems to be less stress by her pregnancy and the health of her child, as she knows that WAHA is here to respond to any of they medical needs. The family is less calling Arsis and WAHA for emergency due to intensive case management provide by WAHA medical team.
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