A successful detection, evaluation, treatment and coordination of care for a refugee in Souda camp.

WAHA International is working in Greece since 2015 as a medical NGO to provide primary health care to refugees. On Chios Island, WAHA is based in Souda and Vial camp; mobile clinics are established within the accommodations Sites. In addition, WAHA is carrying out “home visits” for vulnerable cases currently sheltered in UNHCR alternate accommodation schemes (hotels and apartments). Our team consists of the general staff (GP MD/GP RN) and specialized teams to cover a large range of medical needs: gynaecology team (gynaecologist/midwife), mental health team (psychiatrist/psychologist), paediatric team (paediatrician and paediatric nurse). On Chios Island, WAHA is providing everyday medical assistance and has elaborated an “24/7 on call system” for new arrivals.
Mr B is 33-year-old man from Burundi. He was a student in computer engineering and he was planning to continue his studies in Russia. In May 2016, his involvement with politics led to his arrest by the regime, where he survived torture. He fled Burundi, and through Tanzania and flew directly to Turkey. He arrived on Chios at the beginning of November after crossing Aegean Sea from Izmir, with an inflatable dinghy. Mr B expressed his willingness to ask for protection on European soil, and thus he sought asylum in Greece.

“I really thank WAHA team for treatment and access to hospital and support” Mr.B

Few days after he arrived in Souda camp, he came to visit our medical team for the first time in our mobile clinic. As a victim of torture, he suffers severe pain in his left shoulder; not being able to move his arm and sleep at night. After his first visit, the medical team treated him with painkiller and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. One week later, he visited the medical clinic for a second time, in order to be re-examined by our WAHA orthopaedist, due to the insisting pain. Our medical team decided to refer him to public hospital of Chios to get complementary exam and an appointment with orthopaedist. As hospital requires, the medical staff wrote a “clinical referral” paper explaining all his medical history, details about torture, medication prescribed and WAHA nurse arranged an appointment in hospital.
Two weeks after his first evaluation by WAHA team, he came back with his complementary exam and report from hospital. According to orthopaedist in hospital, he has a complex problem of his shoulder that required rest, further assessment by shoulder specialist, physiotherapy, and improvement of his living conditions.
WAHA Medical Doctor examined Mr B and a final medical report was drafted with all details in order for Asylum Office to take into consideration his vulnerability. Mr B was then referred to the UNHCR by WAHA field coordinator, so to be allocated in an alternate accommodation scheme and informed properly about the asylum procedures and pathways.
Currently Mr B, is awaiting for his transfer from Souda camp and will soon start physiotherapy with an external specialist. WAHA medical team is following up the case and helped him to manage the constant pain with pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic intervention. WAHA, through its daily presence in the field, continues to provide medical services towards all persons that require medical assistance on Chios island.
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