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Metal foreign body ingestion by a toddler

A different clinical case has been faced successfully by WAHA’s surgeon Dr Vasilis Foutsitzis and pediatrician Dr Dimitris Samakovitis in Loutra Volvis, Greece, where almost 800 Yazidi refugees are accommodated. A 2.5-year-old male toddler was presented in the clinic, accompanied by his father.
The father claimed that the previous day his son had accidentally swallowed a small metal screw during the repair of an air conditioner in the house. The patient was carefully examined by the pediatrician and the surgeon. The doctors ordered an abdomen x-ray to be performed in the nearby Health Center.
It was revealed then, that the metal screw was actually located in the cecum (see photo). Consultation was given to the parents about the situation: it was advised to keep a close follow-up of the child for the following days by checking his stools in order to observe whether the foreign body has been discharged by the gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, the parents were asked to revisit the clinic in case any complication appeared.
After two days of close follow-up a second abdomen x-ray was ordered. It appeared that eventually, the screw had been discharged by the body and the boy’s abdomen was clean.


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