Through a collaboration between FIGO and WAHA, an article entitiled “Need for a global obstetric fistula training strategy” was published on August 2012 in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

This article, co-authored by Dr. Sinan Khaddaj, Louise Knight and Rachel Scott from WAHA International, identifies the global context of obstetric fistula and highlights implementation strategies that will best address this context.

In the paper, WAHA and FIGO find that the limited number of trained fistula surgeons, as well as other health professionals, cannot meet the demand for skilled surgical interventions and preventative efforts. The authors also cite different styles of training and inconsistent attitudes on best practice as barriers to effective fistula treatment.

In order to standardize training and increase the number of skilled care providers, the authors suggest the use of a fistula surgical training manual and the development of an international training program. Both of these solutions aim to strengthen capacity in health centers and hospitals where obstetric fistula cases occur frequently. The ultimate goal of these interventions is to increase the quality and quantity of fistula repair and prevention efforts in underserved locations.

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