Breastfeeding Session Greece

    On the 21st of June, in Loutra Volvis, Greece, there was an educational session presented by our certified midwife expert regarding breastfeeding. The aim of the session was to empower women in childbearing age and bring awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding for themselves, their children and the society.

The audience included both mothers and soon-to-be mothers of which some had breastfed their children in the past while others had not. There were also some elderly women that now have daughters or granddaughters in childbearing age.
The presentation was scheduled to be completed in one hour, however, the beneficiaries expressed a keen interest by posing questions and sharing their own experiences. The atmosphere was relaxed, the jokes and laughs created a nice vibe and some women were even emotionally moved while they remembered the quick weaning or their unavailing efforts of breastfeeding. Therefore, the meeting lasted for over two hours.

At the end, the beneficiaries expressed their excitement concerning the knowledge they had just acquired and promised to share it with other women; their cordial response was awe-inspiring. It was a lovely experience for both the participants and our experienced midwife.

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