Education session on STI

WAHA has organized a new successful educational session for the refugees on the 23rd June, in Derveni ALEXYL Camp, Greece, under the topic: “Sexually Transmitted Infections-STIs”.

Dr George Mantios, who shares a keen interest in dermatology, prepared a sophisticated session where he informed the beneficiaries about the different types of STIs, their prevalence across EU, possible ways of transmission, their clinical presentation, the available laboratory work-up, treatment methods and different ways of prevention.
The session was held in a very confidential and friendly atmosphere and was highly interactive. The attendants were mainly single, young men and women who expressed great interest in the topic. The session was interpreted in Arabic and Farsi (special thanks to “Metadrasis” who provided the farsi interpreter).

In the end, it seemed that everyone present had gained new and additional knowledge, most importantly, that “prevention is the actual cornerstone of the treatment…”


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