WAHA’s medical team in Northern Greece agrees strongly with an old proverb that says: “Hygiene is two thirds of Health”. This team is also inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s quote that: “It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. Taking these into consideration a new educational session regarding domestic and personal hygiene took place in Loutra Volvis on 05/07/2017, addressing to refugees (Yazidis from Iraq), which was presented by our midwife Mrs Elena Triantafillou.

The topic covered on this session was the importance of hygiene (both domestic and personal) as a key to avoid infection and improve quality of life. The signs of poor domestic and personal hygiene were highlighted. Additionally, advice on how to clean the house respecting hygiene terms and guidance for proper personal hygiene were given. A lot of emphasis was given especially on hand washing – as hands are known as the biggest spreaders of germs at home.

Leaflets on how to properly wash our hands were handed to the audience. Towards the end of the session, our midwife gathered the female attendees only and gave them thorough information and tips on how to maintain feminine hygiene. Both male and female attendees were very enthusiastic with the session and thanked our midwife by the end of the session.

It ended with a take-home message: The one who has health has hope, and the on who has hope has everything!


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