Lebanon hosts the largest proportion of refugees per capita in the world, including 1,011 million registered Syrians. They make up a quarter the country’s population and 80% of them are women and children, many of which live in informal settlements with limited access to adequate shelter, food and medical care. Despite support from UNHCR and other NGO providers, refugees in Lebanon face significant financial and geographical barriers to accessing quality medical care.

Number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

who represent quarter of the country’s population

Waha’s action

WAHA strives to reinforce access to comprehensive primary health care and specialized outpatient pediatric consultations in the West Bekaa, a region near the Syrian border that hosts more than 365,000 Syrian refugees.


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Zahlé - Lebanon: 33.842314, 35.917113
Ghazze - Lebanon: 33.672670, 35.827772


In July 2016, WAHA International in collaboration with the local NGO “VISION,” supported and upgraded a health center in the Ghazze locality, ranked as one of the most vulnerable areas in Lebanon. The center was rehabilitated, furnished, equipped and staffed. In October 2016, we began providing free medical consultations for all vulnerable refugees and Lebanese host populations, in order to decrease the health services gap. Since then we have been providing:

  • General health consultations
  • Specialized pediatric care
  • OB-GYN services including antenatal care and family planning
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist care
  • Dermatology care
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy services for acute disease medications and some chronic disease medications


In April 2017 we opened a polyclinic, providing both general and specialist examinations in the center of Zahlé, Central Bekaa, to bridge the gap between primary and secondary/tertiary health care needs for children. The polyclinic provides the following services:

  • Daily pediatric primary health care consultations
  • Weekly specialised pediatric consultations by a variety of pediatric specialists such as: haematologist, nephrologist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, pneumologist, a speech therapist, an orthopaedist, and a psychiatrist
  • A referral system to receive referral cases in need of specialist consultations at the polyclinic, and/or send cases in need of hospitalisation (acute cases and elective surgeries) to the new MSF pediatric ward at the President Elias Herawi Hospital

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