Benin is one of Africa’s most stable democracies. However, it still ranks amongst the world’s least developed countries, in spite of the economic growth it experienced over the past few years thanks to cotton production.
Access to quality health care services is still impaired by a number of social and economic factors such as lack of education and poverty.

While virtually all women in the richest, educated, mainly urban 20% of the population give birth in the presence of a skilled attendant, this is only the case for 60% of women in the poorest 20%.
As a result, poor women in rural areas are more likely to suffer from post-partum complications such as obstetric fistula.

Waha’s action

In Benin, WAHA International specialists perform restorative surgery on women suffering from osbstetric fistula in Cotonou and Tanguieta. They train local medical and paramedical staff on how to identify and provide the necessary care to these patients.

We also collaborate with the national midwives’ association to improve prevention of obstetric fistula.

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Tanguieta Benin Eng: 10.630200, 1.270630
Cotonou Eng: 6.367680, 2.425230

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