WAHA International donated 26 motorbike ambulances last week to be distributed throughout Chad by the Ministry of Health. They were formally presented to the first lady of Chad, Ms. Hinda Déby Itno, during a ceremony at the Hôpital de la Mère et de l’Enfant in the capital of Chad, N’djamena.

The first lady of Chad, Ms. Itno, receives the keys to 26 motorbikes from WAHA’s head of mission in Chad, Mr. Younoussa.

Ms. Itno welcomed the motorbikes, saying they “will greatly help our country, especially in rural regions where referral systems that connect patients to hospitals are weakest.”

With an estimated 1 in 15 women in Chad dying during pregnancy and childbirth, greater access to health care will help reduce maternal mortality. The motorbike ambulances, which were assembled in June, will be distributed throughout the country by Chad’s Ministry of Health and are intended to improve access to emergency obstetric care for women living in rural areas.

“These motorbikes will improve accessibility to transportation in Chad where roads are not always in the best condition,” said Ms. Itno, referring to the motorbike’s ability to pass through rugged terrain. “We personally thank WAHA International for this donation which will go a long way in helping victims of fistula.”

The ceremony drew attention to maternal health issues in the local media and was attended by Mr. Hassan Soukaya Yousouf, Chad’s permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, and Djibrilla Doulla Younoussa, WAHA’s head of mission in Chad.

Expanding activities to reduce maternal mortality

With Chad suffering from one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, WAHA intends to expand activities to improve maternal health care in the country.

Since 2011 WAHA has organized fistula campaigns, conducted screening for fistula and provided surgery for over 275 women. A sophisticated 30-bed fistula ward at the Center for Reproductive Health and Fistula Repair has already been established and WAHA is now planning to double that number. WAHA has also focused attention on training programs for maternal health professionals.

These WAHA-designed motorbike ambulances are an innovative intervention meant to drastically improve access to health care and reduce maternal deaths. WAHA International has overseen implementation of motorbike ambulances in numerous countries throughout Africa and plans to deploy more this year.

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