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Somalia: WAHA Inaugurates Mogadishu Midwifery School

Midwifery School Inauguration at Mogadishu, Somalia

A few days ago, WAHA inaugurated the Mogadishu Midwifery School in partnership with UNFPA. Our guest of honor, Dr. Samia Hassan, the UNFPA Program Manager for Somalia’s South-Central Zone was the first to open the school.


Kenya: Dadaab Sub-District Hospital Inauguration

Watch Dadaab Sub-District Inauguration by WAHA International & Doctors of the World

On July 20th, 2011, the United Nations declared famine in several regions in the Horn of Africa. A year on, Doctors of the World & WAHA International re-opened Dadaab hospital in Kenya after having refurbished and rehabilitated it.


Somalia: Happy reunion in Hanano’s Maternity, Mogadishu

Hamdi, her bouncing baby boy and WAHA's team in Hanano Maternity, Mogadishu

Our team in Mogadishu was happy to meet Hamdi again, a young woman they had treated in Somaliland for obstetric fistula and who recently came to our maternity in Mogadishu to give birth.


Sudan: 72 patients with obstetric fistula treated in Khartoum.

Dr Abbo's Fistula Center and Urogynaecology Center in Khartoum, Sudan

From January to March 2012, 72 women were treated at Dr Abbo’s National Fistula and Urogynaecology Center in Khartoum.