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Eclampsia: One of the leading causes of maternal deaths

Thousands of lives could be saved with increased efforts to reduce hypertensive disorder during pregnancy.

Hypertensive disorder (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia) is the second most frequent cause of maternal mortality in the world, responsible for 18% of all maternal deaths (65,000 per year). The condition causes women to develop seizures during pregnancy or in the postpartum period, and can result in a coma, brain damage and maternal or infant death. As the eclamptic condition is unsafe for both a mother and her child, the condition requires prompt medical intervention to prevent further convulsions, control elevated blood pressure and, if possible, deliver the baby immediately.


WAHA International participates in the mHealth Summit

Mira Levenson, who represents WAHA at the mHealth Summit, stands in front of our booth.

WAHA International is participating in the mHealth Summit in Washington where mHealth experts and professionals from all sectors of development come together over a few days, and exchange ideas and experiences to explore innovative approaches to improve healthcare in disadvantaged communities around the world.


Mauritania: Renowned fistula experts provide surgeries

WAHA supports the mission of two renowned urologists to bridge the gab in fistula treatment in Mauritania.

WAHA International is supporting a 13-day mission of two urologists and fistula experts to Mauritania where they will provide fistula surgeries and train medical staff. The doctors, Dr. Claude Dumurgier, a specialist in urology and fistula repair and an honorary member of the French Urology Association, and Dr. Ludovic Falandry, renowned urologist, have carried out more than 11 missions to Mauritania since 2005.


First group of midwives start training in Assela

Enthusiastic midwives attend a simulation exercise.

There was excitement in the air when the first group of midwives came together in the new training center in Assela in Ethiopia this month. Within few weeks WAHA International, in partnership with the Ethiopian Midwives' Association, the Teaching University Hospital of Assela and the Sanofi Hope Foundation, has revived a former hospital building to serve as a training center for midwives. The project is a part of a strategy to build capacity among midwives and improve their working conditions through improvements to infrastructure, patient transportation and medical equipment.


Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition: “The Strength to Survive”

Artist Rémi Courgeon painting for the exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The Strength to Survive, a collection of paintings of fistula patients in Ethiopia by Rémi Courgeon, opens today as a part of the three-day art festival in Abu Dhabi. “We hope that the exhibition gives voice to women who are bravely fighting fistula in Ethiopia and worldwide,” said Cheikh Mbaye, General Manager of WAHA International, during the opening.


Ethiopia: WAHA opens a training center for midwives

WAHA's partners cut the ribbon of the new training center.

This week WAHA International in Ethiopia invited partners and main stakeholders to a formal opening of a new midwives' training center in Assela in Ethiopia's Oromia region. After cutting the ribbon WAHA organized discussions on how to collaborate to meet the goals of accelerating maternal and neonatal healthcare in the area.