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WAHA in the Middle East in 2016

In the Middle East our activities is focused on emergency responding to the needs of refugees and internally displaced people, and dedicated reproductive health care projects. However, in all our activities we strove to bring special attention to, and respond, to the specific health care needs of women.

Within the context of the emergency response to the Syrıan crisis, WAHA has been implementing primary health care and reproductive health services in the northern of Syria since 2016. WAHA is currently providing women reproductive health services, in addition to general health care targeting IDPs and host community in Delbya village and mobile clinic serve six locations in Harim district Idlib governorate (Abo Talha, Kademoun, Jabal Harem, Safsafah, Kafar Houm and Samdoun). also WAHA in collaboration with a local NGO ‘SEMA’ provide pediatric services and a reproductive health in Sheikh Yousef village.

Also, in response to the emergency situation of Allepo, WAHA run social workers to identify children at risk (especially orphans and unaccompanied children), women headed families, people with disabilities, and other extremely vulnerable persons to ensure that they are safe, their most urgent health care needs are meet and that they have access to psychosocial and other support services according to their most important needs.

During the last week, WAHA received 239 health consultations and 44 RH services in Delbya village, and 224 mobile clinic health consultations, 197 PHC and 55 RH services in Sheikh Yousef Village. In addition to 23 individual Psychological first aid, and 77 community based counseling.

WAHA program is endeavors to meet the increasing needs and demands in areas where medical and PSS services are prioritized through mobile and static clinics in order to achieve maximum geographic coverage