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Partnership: A recruitment website sponsors WAHA fistula programme in Guinea.

The English company Who’s Recruiting Direct is covering the costs of fistula surgery for two women each month.

WAHA International and the National Teaching Hospital of Conakry recently partnered to provide free obstetric fistula surgery on an ongoing basis.  The hospital  provides medical personnel and ten beds for patient care while WAHA provides the medicine and medical material needed for surgery and post operative care.

In Conakry alone we aim to operate 250 women a year. The support of Who’s Recruiting direct will help provide free fistula surgery for 24 women each year. It is envisioned as a long term partnership for WAHA’s activities.

Maternal mortality in Guinea is high with one in 26 women dying during delivery. And for every women dying during childbirth there are about 20 others suffering from post partum injuries, including obstetric fistula.

who’s recruiting
is a recruitment website that connects employers to jobseekers and jobseekers to employers.

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