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Quality education for quality midwives: the Mogadishu Midwifery School

The Mogadishu Midwifery School's second 18-month training program is well underway.

Inaugurated only last year, the Mogadishu Midwifery School has already enrolled dozens of students and has become a reliable midwife training program in Somalia.


WAHA participates in Fistula Initiatives meeting

Fistula care experts, advocates, and sponsors are coming together to improve fistula treatment.

WAHA International’s Secretary General Dr. Sinan Khaddaj joined other leading fistula treatment advocates at FIGO’s London offices for the Fistula Initiatives Partner Meeting.


Uganda: Dozens of complex fistula cases treated at Kagando Hospital

Dr. Raassen performs surgery throughout Africa, including Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania.

In early March, WAHA collaborator and traveling fistula surgeon Dr. Thomas Raassen carried out 35 complex fistula operations in Kasese District, Uganda.


FIGO-WAHA publication in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Through a collaboration between FIGO and WAHA, an article entitiled “Need for a global obstetric fistula training strategy” was published on August 2012 in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.


Chad: Access to maternal healthcare on the rise at Center for Reproductive Health

WAHA International continues to combat the high rates of maternal mortality and pregnancy related complications in N’djamena, Chad.


WAHA contributes to a peer-reviewed publication on risk factors for obstetric fistula

The International Urogynecology Journal is a leading journal for researchers, clinicians, and scientists.

Dr. Sinan Khaddaj, Secretary General of WAHA International, is a co-author in the paper “Risk factors for obstetric fistula: a clinical review”, published in December 2011 in the International Urogynecology Journal.