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Maternal Healthcare Cannot Wait for the End of the Ebola Crisis

The Ebola oubreak has led to the closure of many healthcare centers in Guinea

Women cannot wait for the Ebola outbreak to end to give birth. The Ebola epidemic has put a significant strain on the healthcare systems in the affected countries.


Fistula Care Continues in Guinea Despite Ebola

Centre Medico-Social Djigui Espoir-AGFO-SME in Conakry

WAHA International is continuing to provide fistula care services in Guinea despite the outbreak of Ebola, which is currently ravaging the country and devastating the healthcare system.


Former Fistula Patients in Gondar Raise Awareness About Maternal Health in Their Communities

Former Fistula Patients Participate in Training Workshop to Become Maternal Health Advocates

On Monday October 21st a training session for former fistula patients was launched at the Fistula Treatment Center in Gondar, Ethiopia.


WAHA International advocates for communication that is respectful of the communities’ culture in “Le Nouvel Observateur”

Ebola Campaign in Conakry in Guinea

On October 13, 2014 WAHA International spoke about the Ebola outbreak in Guinea in the French newspaper “Le Nouvel Observateur”.


Fistula Patients Heal Over Coffee in Assella, Ethiopia

Coffee Ceremony in Assella, Ethiopia

WAHA International is holding traditional coffee ceremonies for women recovering from obstetric fistula surgery to help them overcome the psychological trauma of living with the debilitating condition.


Special Photo Report on Women Suffering from Fistula published in "Libération"

Abozen Alemaychu, 35 years old. (Photo Isabelle Rimbert)

Isabelle Rimbert, photographer for the French newspaper "Libération" visited our program in Ethiopia. Take a look at her photo report.