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Congress of West Africans Surgeons (WACS)

WACS Conference

WAHA INTERNATIONAL participates officially to the 50th Congress of West African Surgeons (WACS) in Calabar, Nigeria. The Congress began its work on February 8, 2010 on the theme "50 years of surgical services in West Africa: Challenges, innovations and perspectives". WAHA INTERNATIONAL intervened in the Obstetrical fistula Workshop.


Association of midwives, Benin

Association of Midwives, Benin

Recognizing the important role that midwives play in preventing and combating Obstetric Fistula, WAHA International received in its Paris office Mrs. Laurence Odounlami Monteiro, President of the Benin Midwives Association.


Fistula Treatment Camp Cameroon (second part)

Fistula Treatment Camp Cameroon

We wrote previously on the website, WAHA undertook the 21th of January a fistula treatment camp and a training day on fistula issues. This initiative was carried out jointly by us, LARIFEH (League for Active Research and Initiative for Female Education and Health) and the University Hospital of Yaounde, The camp coming to an end, we take the opportunity to take stock and give you some fresh news.


Association of midwives, Cameroon

Association of midwives, Cameroon

On January 27th, staff from WAHA International met together with Miss. Annie Atchoumie, the president of the Association of Midwives, Obstetricians and Reproductive Health Workers (ASSOCASFIASAR), with a view to developing future collaborative activities between the two organisations.


Safe Motherhood: Ethiopia


WAHA is providing support to the Gondar University Hospital (Ethiopia) to improve the quality of care during complicated deliveries and Caesareans. It is estimated that close to 4000 women requiring medical assistance during delivery will benefit in the first year alone from the programme as a result of WAHA’s support.


Fistula Treatment Camp in Cameroon

Fistula Camp Cameroon

A community mobilisation campaign to raise awareness about the issue of fistula treatment starts today in Cameroon through a partnership between WAHA and LARIFEH (League for Active Research and Initiative for Female Education and Health). These activities will be followed by a fistula treatment camp, which will begin on January 24th.