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Fistula Surgical Care in Gondar Hospital

Fistula surgical care

In partnership with Gondar University Hospital, WAHA International has started fistula surgical care in Gondar Hospital, Ethiopia. Dr Mulu Muleta and Dr Ambaye W. Michael WAHA’s experts are expected to operate at least 50 patients this week.


Adama University Partnership

Adama University

WAHA INTERNATIONAL signed a partnership with Adama University, Assela School of Health, Ethiopia. Both parties intend to establish Obstetric Fistula care service at the University Hospital. They will also integrate Obstetric Fistula care training to the broader teaching programme of different health cadres. WAHA INTERNATIONAL provides the experts in fistula care for treatment of patients and provide training.


Fistula Camp in Katete, Zambia

In collaboration with Dr. Tom Raassen, WAHA International began a fistula camp on the 1st March in St Francis Hospital, Katete, Zambia. 20 cases were operated, over the 12 day duration. Furthermore 2 Zambian surgeons were trained in undertaking fistula repairs, ensuring that more women will be able to receive treatment now that the camp has finished.  


Fistula Camp in Yaoundé, Cameroon

CHU Yaoundé

In collaboration with Dr. Pierre Marie Tebeu, WAHA International will carry out a fistula camp between the 1st and 5th March in Yaoundé University Hospital, Cameroon. This camp is part of our activities to commemorate the 2010 International Women’s Day on the 8th March!


Fistula Camp in Webuye, Kenya


In partnership with AMREF, WAHA International is starting a fistula treatment camp on the 28th of February, in Webuye, Western Kenya. Dr. Khisa, Dr. Matasi and Dr. Okutoyi will be leading the surgery and expect to operate at least 30 patients.


Agreement with the UAE Red Crescent Authority

WAHA signed an agreement with The UAE RCA

Yesterday, WAHA International signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Authority (UAE RCA). This new collaboration will enable both organisations to explore important areas of humanitarian work to improve women's health in general, and to provide surgical support and interventions for the most neglected and isolated populations in Africa and elsewhere.