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Somalia : WAHA improves Shelter for vulnerable families in Mogadishu

WAHA setting up tents in Rajo Camp

Over 470 ShelterBox were set up in camps and next to health centres.


Sudan: 86 women with obstetric fistula treated in Dr. Abbo's National Fistula & Urogynaecology Centre

Dr Eltayeb on a patient round

Patients coming from all over Sudan were treated from July to September 2011. The overall success rate of operations was of 86%.


« Hospital Initiative for Patient Solidarity » launched by WAHA and the International Hospital Federation (IHF)

Presentation of the initiative at the World Congress of Hospitals

This new initiative aims to increase access to maternal health care services for women in low income countries


Donate 55 USD and Sawyer Walter Filters will bring clean water to our projects

Women collecting water from a well in Senegal

The walter filters will be given to women coming to the maternity and/or fistula repair, and to the communities they come from.


Somalia : Rehabilitation of a maternity in Mogadishu

WAHA logistician in the maternity

WAHA International is working with the UAE Red Crescent to provide maternal care in Hanano Hospital for the displaced and resident population in Mogadishu.


Niger : Cancer screening continues for women in Niamey

Consultation room in Talladje health centre

WAHA continues to support local efforts for the early diagnosis of cancer