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Sudan: WAHA to partner with Khartoum teaching hospital to increase fistula treatment.

Dr Abbo fistula center, Khartoum, Sudan

WAHA has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health in Khartoum, to increase Dr Abbo fistula centre’s capacity for fistula repair. 


Tanzania: WAHA supports surgery for 34 women with obstetric fistula in Sumbawanga.

34 women have been operated on from obstetric fistula in Tanzania.

Dr Marietta Mahendeka and Dr Tom Raassen, WAHA’s collaborators and expert fistula surgeons, headed the team.


Obstetric Fistula: WAHA and FIGO work on fistula surgery kit

The kit contains medicine and medical material needed for 50 fistula surgeries.


Niger : A campaign to promote the early detection of cancer launched in Niamey in April

Programm of detection of breast and cervical cancers in Niger

Since April, 27consultations have been carried out, where 17 cases of cancer were detected and 4 patients operated.


Partnership: A recruitment website sponsors WAHA fistula programme in Guinea.

National Teaching Hospital of Conakry

The English company Who’s Recruiting Direct is covering the costs of fistula surgery for two women each month.