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WAHA International to organise conference for East African Midwives on their role in eliminating obstetric fistula

A similar conference for midwives in west and central africa was held in May 2010

Planned for April 2011, the conference aims to mobilise midwives from east African countries in the prevention and early treatment of fistula.


Somaliland: WAHA trains medical students at the Amoud University Medical School in Borama

Students listen to a lecture before carrying out practical exercices

This week WAHA International is carrying out a 4-day training course in epidemiology and its applications to public health for 50 nurses and medical students.


Zambia: WAHA supports obstetric fistula surgery for women in Katete

Dr. Tom Raassen with patients and hospital staff in St. Francis Hospital, Zambia

In January, WAHA's collaborator, Dr Tom Raassen carried out a four day fistula repair and training session in eastern Zambia.


WAHA and Fistula Foundation partner to deploy 100 medical transfer bikes in at least four countries

The specially adapted bike helps overcome delays in accessing emergency medical care in remote rural areas.


Ethiopia: WAHA starting construction of an International research, training and treatment centre for fistula

WAHA and members of Gondar teaching hospital visit the construction site of future centre

With the support of the Fistula Foundation, WAHA International is starting the construction of a 63 bed fistula centre in Gondar University in the north of Ethiopia.


WAHA International attends the third Breast – Gynecological Cancer Conference in Cairo

MRI image of breast cancer presented during a presentation at the conference

The Breast – Gynaecological Cancer Conference (BGICC) is the only conference specialized in breast and cervical cancer in Africa and the Middle East.