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Mrs Edna Adan Ismail visits WAHA International

Madam Edna Adan Ismail in WAHA's office in Paris

During her recent visit to Paris in December, Mrs Edna Adan Ismail, one of WAHA International’s key partners in Somaliland took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.


Fistula repair for patients from Kedougou region in Senegal

Moussu, a fistula patient

Moussu has had fistula for ten years. Today she is in Kedougou hospital, ready to go to Tambacounda about three hours drive away, where she will be operated by Pr Serigne Gueye.


ISOFS: Preventing Women from Becoming Outcasts

Dr Kees' presentation during ISOFS Conference

“Preventing Women from becoming outcasts” was the main theme of the third annual conference of the International Society of Obstetric Fistula surgeons (ISOFS).


WAHA International participates in press conference on fistula in Dakar

press conference

Dr. Sinan Khaddaj, WAHA International’s secretary general participated in a press conference held in Dakar on the 6th of December.


Midwives talk about their role in the fight against fistula during ISOFS conference

Presidents of midwifes associations of Senegal and Benin

Presidents of the midwife associations of Benin and Senegal lead a concurrent session on the role of midwives in the prevention and early treatment of fistula.  


Somaliland : WAHA opens fistula ward at the Hargeisa Group Hospital.

Fistula Ward at the Hargeisa Group Hospital

Due to the successful cooperation with the Hargeisa Group Hospital, WAHA International is now setting up its Fistula Ward at the hospital.