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Guinea Bissau: 35 women with obstetric fistula receive treatment with WAHA's support

Women waiting for fistula repair at Simao Bendes Hospital, Bissau

Last December, a new training and treatment session for obstetric fistula patients was carried out in Simao Mendes Hospital in Bissau.


Zambia: WAHA supports fistula surgery for women in Katete

Fistula patient at St Francis' Hospital, Katete, Zambia

In April, Dr Raassen returned to Katete in eastern Zambia to provide fistula surgery and fistula care training in St Francis Hospital.


Sudan: Sumaiya’s story, 18 years old, with obstetric fistula

Sumaiya, 18 years old, Sudanese

Here is a story from one of our patients in Dr Abbo’s National Fistula and Urogynecology Centre in Khartoum.


Somalia: More fistula patients arrive for treatment in Mogadishu.

Second round of fistula.

In the past two months a total of 72 obstetric fistula patients have come to our maternity in Mogadishu.


Kenya: WAHA provides maternal and pediatric care in Dadaab

WAHA team treating a child in Dadaab Hospital

Dadaab Hospital is the only structure offering obstetric care for the resident and refugee population.