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Prevention is key in overcoming fistula: an interview with Professor Gueye

Professor Gueye has worked with WAHA since 2009.

In a recent interview at WAHA’s headquarters in Paris, expert fistula surgeon Professor Serigne Magueye Gueye shines light on the obstacles and successes of treating women with obstetric fistula.


Nigerien newspaper recognizes WAHA International

The Nigerien newspaper Le Sahel featured WAHA International's recent motorbike donation

Niger’s daily newspaper Le Sahel published back-to-back articles on WAHA International’s recent deployment of motorcycle ambulances to the country’s Ministry of Health.


Ethiopia: WAHA International reaches rural communities through health facility scaleup

Health facilities in Debark district suffer from a lack equipment and proper infrastructure

WAHA International continues to make valuable progress in the rural regions of Dabat and Dabark in northern Ethiopia through renovations and equipment supply.


Stories from the ground: Fatuma Dugey changes healthcare in Somalia

Laboratory technologist Fatuma Dugey has helped strengthen laboratory services in Mogadishu

Meet laboratory technologist Fatuma Dugey. By setting up blood transfusion services and strengthening laboratory capabilities, Fatuma has revitalized health facilities throughout the war-torn capital of Somalia.


International Women’s Day 2013: Celebrating Women’s Health

Each year WAHA International performs obstetric fistula repair operations on about 2,000 women.

For International Women’s Day 2013, WAHA International pledges its support to women’s health. On this day of celebration, we take a moment to rejoice our acheivments and reaffirm our commitment to the women of the world.


Guinea: WAHA opens fistula treatment project with hospital renovations

Renovations will help the Ignace Deen Urology Center treat women suffering from obstetric fistula

WAHA International successfully began a campaign to strengthen obstetric fistula treatment in Guinea. Renovations at the National Teaching Hospital Ignace Deen are nearly finished, providing a safe and secure domain for fistula repair in the capital of Conakry.