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Niger : Cancer screening continues for women in Niamey

Consultation room in Talladje health centre

WAHA continues to support local efforts for the early diagnosis of cancer


Zambia: 15 women provided with fistula surgery in Katete

A woman and a child at the St. Francis Hospital, in Katete, Zambia

From August 29 to September 9 2011, Dr Tom Raassen, a fistula surgeon and WAHA collaborator, conducted a fistula camp at the St. Francis Hospital in Katete, Zambia.


Senegal : Safe motherhood project in Kedougou, an interview with WAHA's country coordinator Dr. Ibrahima Konate.

Women waiting for antenatal consultation in Kedougou region, Senegal

Maternal death rates in Kedougou region are the worst in Senegal, representing double the national average.


Niger: First sessions of breast and cervical cancer screening in Niamey.

A consultation room for screening, Niamey

On the 1st of September 100 women were screened in a health centre in Niamey marking the start of the national campaign to promote early detection of breast and cervical cancers.


Somalia : WAHA and Emirati Red Crescent to start hospital for mother-child care in Mogadishu

Rajo camp for displaced families Mogadishu

Insecurity and drought has lead over 70,000 Somalis to flee to Mogadishu since January 2011