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15 new motorbike ambulances in Somalia

Responsible of MCH and the representative of WAHA Somalia

In strengthening its projects in Somalia, WAHA International uses an innovative approach to ensure for women, especially those who live in regions with weak health infrastructure. Numerous partnerships with local and national actors help build local capacity with this in mind, WAHA International decided to strengthen the motorbike ambulances service in Somalia by distributing 15 new vehicles.


High up in the mountains of Ethiopia: WAHA’s community mobilization project in the North Gondar zone bears fruit

community mobilization activity in a local school

Since January 2013, WAHA International has been carrying out a much-needed community mobilization project in the Northern part of Ethiopia where maternal health outcomes are unacceptably poor.


Fostering South-to-South exchange and delivering sustainable solutions: Ethiopia’s Dr. Ambaye Wolde Michael’s mission to Zimbabwe

Medical students and residents assisted surgical precedures in the operation room with Dr.Ambaye

Dr. Ambaye Wolde Michael is one of WAHA’s fistula surgeons in Ethiopia and arguably one of the best surgeons in the world.  With over 20 years of experience she has operated thousands of women with fistula, gaining the experience to deal with complex obstetric fistula and to repair challenging cases.


Strengthening fistula care in Guinea

WAHA provided operating table, surgery light, pump suction, and other items necessary for surgery.

At the University Hospital Ignace Deen in Guinea-Conakry more women are coming in for fistula treatment than ever before. WAHA International partnered with the Fistula Foundation to increase capacity at the hospital and enable it to offer quality fistula care. Since early 2013 WAHA has renovated the urology department in the hospital offering a 30-bed patient facility and a fully equipped operation theatre. The project is a part of WAHA’s activities to improve fistula treatment and care in the country through renovating health facilities, contributing medical supplies, building local capacity and mobilizing communities.


Overview of our main activities in 2013

We put together a photo album with WAHA's main activities in 2013.

We invite you to take a look at some of our many activities in 2013. From opening a new midwifery training program in Ethiopia to distributing our innovative maternal health motorbike ambulances in over 20 countries, we are proud of our accomplishments. As we look back we are also thankful for all our partners and supporters, without them none of this would be possible. There remains more on our horizon in 2014 and we look forward to strenghten current programs as well as implementing new ones, for the benefit of improved maternal and child health around the world.


Reducing the rate of fistula in Africa: A view from Dr. Gueye

"The psychological effects of having incontinence can be debilitating for the patient and so it is extremely important for us in the medical profession to talk about this issue and find solutions."

One of WAHA’s main collaborators, Dr. Serigne M. Gueye, urologist and fistula expert, was invited to the annual conference of Obstetrician and Gynecologists in Paris last week to give a speech about the African perspective on incontinence. We sat down with him at WAHA’s headquarters in Paris to discuss the progress of reducing maternal mortality and morbidity in the world.