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Allamouta, 33 years old
Kedougou Region, Senegal

Allamouta is a Badien Gokh. This means that her village chose her to help look after all the pregnant women and children under five years old. She is not a health worker, she has not  received any medical training. But when a pregnant woman or a child has a medical problem, then Allamouta relays the information to the closest health post so that they can bring help.

Allamouta went to the inauguration of the project to help reduce neonatal and maternal mortality in the region. When she heard all the speeches, and heard about WAHA and the Fistula Foundation she decided to talk about her problem . In fact Allamouta has been living with fistula for the past sixteen years!

Allamouta will now be able to receive treatment through the project. She has made up her mind to talk to the women around her to identify other patients. She knows that several women in the village live with fistula, but are too ashamed to talk about it.

This is the story she shared with us:

“It was during the birth of my second child in 1994 that I developed a fistula. I was in labour for two days.  By the time I have birth my son had already died. I started to suffer from urinary incontinence. I delivered at home with the help of some elderly women. There was no health worker to help me.

Since then I have been operated six times, but I am still incontinent, and I’m losing hope.  My husband left me and I remarried and had a second child. But my second husband died.

In my village only my mother, a nurse and my sister know that I have a fistula. I work in the fields, and during the day where a nappy. I don’t have enough money for another operation or medical consultation.”