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Pressila, 62 years old
Kisii Fistula Camp, Kenya

During my last pregnancy, my husband stopped working in Mombasa and we came back to our home in Homa Bay.  When the baby wanted to arrive I went to a small dispensary and I think that maybe the nurse was not properly qualified there. So after some time I was sent to Homa Bay District Hospital but I was too late and I delivered a dead baby.

During this time I was given a catheter and when the next day they took out the catheter I was leaking urine. I was finally sent back home after spending 2 weeks in hospital. I was still leaking urine. I went to the doctor and he told me that he couldn’t help me so I went back home.

My community knows about my urine leakage. I don’t go close to anybody, I always stay at home.

My husband died in 2000.  In fact many people died in my family, and I lost many babies. One of my sons died recently and my daughter-in-law has left, so now I have their 6 children to take care of. 
I heard people talking about Kisii Fistula Camp because my neighbor came for treatment at this hospital.  She gave me information about Kisii Camp and even money to pay for transport and come here.