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The road to recovery: Halima's story

Pregnant the first time, Halima chose to have a traditional birth. A choice which unfortunately led to complications. After hours of labor, delivery was completed by caesarean section at Daynille hospital in Mogadishu. The child did not survive due to the difficulties related to the duration of labor and Halima developed a fistula . Sadly, her marriage also did not survive the ordeal.

Halima, 20 years old
Mogadishu, Somalia


A mother of 6 contracts obstetric fistula: Kiya’s story

“When the doctors told me they had to remove my uterus, it actually made me happy because it means I won’t be having any more children”
Kiya, 35 years old
Assela, Ethiopia


The long road to recovery: Odeline's story

"I stayed in N'djamena all this time alone with my daughter, waiting for a guardian angel who could take me away from this shameful disease"
Odeline Memhomel, 36 years old
Moundou, Chad


Helping one girl, helps the community: Zara's story

She vowed she would become an advocate in her district to educate other women on the importance of giving birth in hospitals to avoid complications.
Zara Ali, 18 years old
Tomba, Kanem region, Chad



Rukia, 20 years old
Afgoye, Somalia



Yeshalem, 25 years old
Debark, Ethiopia