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“I developed a fistula after my fourth pregnancy”

Mariama is from Guinea. She developed a fistula after her fourth pregnancy. If she recovers from the surgery, she hopes to have more children in the future.


Mobilizing the community to dispel myths about pregnancy and women's health in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia

Interview of Hamdia Mohammed, a Community Educator in the Bokolmayo refugee camp in Ethiopia.


From Fistula Patient to Community Maternal Health Advocate: The Story of Mamar

“I think that people need information. There is usually nobody to explain to us properly what the risks of delivering all alone are. How are women supposed to know about safe motherhood practices? We need to tell them.” Mamar, 18, a former fistula patient who is now using her experience to teach others about safe motherhood practices.


Living with fistula for 15 years: the story of Mariam

“Now that my fistula is repaired, I feel as if I was born again. From now on I will live a normal life, like any woman should live” These are the words of Mariam Douba, with whom we talked in the recovery room of the Center for Reproductive Health and Fistula Repair (CNSRF) in N'Djamena, Chad.


18 years of struggle: Fatima Ali's recovery

“I really appreciate the work that WAHA does for us, and I want to advice all women to regularly have check-ups during their pregnancy” Fatima Ali during her recovery at the Center for Reproductive Health in N'Djamena.

Fatima Ali, 40 years old.


Living with fistula for 25 years: the story of Moudka Jacqueline

“Today I can start a new life, after 25 years of exclusion while suffering of an obstetric fistula”
Moudka Jacqueline is 45 years old. In 2013 she was operated of an obstetric fistula at the Center for Reproductive Health and Fistula Repair (CNSRF) in Chad. She had lived with fistula for 25 years, a condition that isolated her and kept her away from all social contact within her community.

Moudka Jacqueline, 45 years old.