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Since July 2010, WAHA International is carrying out periodic fistula treatment and training session in Mansoa.


Guinea-Bissau has an estimated population of 1.6 million inhabitants. Approximately 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas of the country. The life expectancy for women is 50.22 years and for men it's 46.44 years.

In 2010, in Guinea one out of 25 women will die during childbirth.  Approximately 77% of babies are born in the rural area where less than 40% of women have access to a skilled birth attendant.

Source: WHO Global Health Observatory WHO Global Health Observatory Database


In July 2010, a team of medical staff from WAHA International, led by Professor Serigne Gueye and Dr Sinan Khaddaj, carried out periodic support by conducting obstetric fistula repair surgery sessions in the town of Mansoa in Guinea-Bissau. During the fistula repair sessions the team repaired fistulas in forty-seven women. In parallel with the surgical activities, a training session was conducted with the participation of the Ministry of Health of Guinea Bissau and the UNFPA country office, during which four Guinean doctors were trained.

In May 2011 we supported a fistula treatment campaign in Guinea Buissau where 50 women received fistula repair surgery. Prof Gueye, renown urologist from Senegal, and his team, has also provided training on fistula repair for local physicians.

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