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WAHA International is working in partnership with UNFPA to provide periodic support in the form of fistula repair surgery in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan has an estimated population of 27 million inhabitants with 78 percent living in rural areas. Armed conflict, instability and drought have been affecting the livelihood of the population for years. The life expectancy at birth is 46 years on average.

In 2010, in Afghanistan one out of 32 women will die in childbirth. Over 85% of women deliver at home, and only 18% of all deliveries occur with a skilled attendant.

Source: WHO Country Cooperation Strategy Afghanistan; WHO Global Health Observatory

Dr Ambaye training afghan health workers to  fistula repair


From June 15th to 26th 2010, for the first time WAHA International supported fistula surgery in Afghanistan with its collaborator Dr Tom Raassen. Dr Ambaye, one of WAHA International’s senior obstetric fistula surgeons and trainers, is travelling to Afghanistan on a regular basis to assist the UNFPA in training more doctors to be able to repair obstetric fistula.

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