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In collaboration with Dr Tom Raassen, WAHA International began a fistula camp in March 2010 at St Francis Hospital, Katete, Zambia.


Zambia has an estimated population of 12, 9 million. Approximately 38 percent of the population lived in urban areas. Life expectancy at birth for women is 47 years and for men it's 45 years.

Service delivery in the public sector remains weak and unstable. Huge discrepancies in access to adequate health services exist between rural and urban areas; approximately 67 percent of births in the country occur in rural areas. According to the latest UN report, maternal mortality remains high; one out of 37 women will die during delivery.

Source: WHO Country Profile Zambia ;  WHO Global Health Observatory Database


In collaboration with Dr. Tom Raassen, WAHA International’s senior surgeon and fistula expert, WAHA International conducted fistula repair surgery support at the St Francis Hospital in the region of Katete in March 2010. The team repaired twelve fistulas in women. In addition, two Zambian surgeons were trained in undertaking fistula repairs, ensuring that more women will be able to receive treatment after the camp has finished.

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