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Serbia has a strategic position on the road of refugees to Western Europe, it quickly became one of the main transit points. After closing the Hungarian border in particular, the Serbian-Croatian border has become the main destination for refugees seeking the shortest path and less dangerous to potential host countries such as Germany.

Serbia has welcomed many people but was quickly overtaken by the needs arising from an increasing number of arrival, especially in October, 2015. On October 17th, the Croatian authorities have tried to reduce the flow, many migrants were stuck in Berkasovo, Serbia close to the Croatian border, and until October, 3000 to 6000 refugees arrived daily in the region of Sid.

With the help and agreement of the Serbian authorities and UNHCR WAHA International has been working in Belgrade, giving consultations daily in Dimitrovgrad, near the Bulgarian border and Sid, near the Croatian border operating in three semi-fixed clinics, and three other Serbian towns, including Horgos, near the Hungarian border.