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WAHA is present on greek islands, particularly Lesbos and Samos, since September 2015, and has since expanded its operations to the other four islands, in Athens, and more recently in the northern regions, near the border with Macedonia, Thessaloniki and Idomeni where over 10,000 people are stuck since late February.

However Greece is affected by a deep financial crisis and political for many years, the country received and hosted a large number of Syrian refugees since the start of the migration crisis related to the Syrian conflict. The Greek islands of Lesvos, Chios, Kos and Samos, Leros Kastelorizo ​​in the Aegean Sea, in front of the Turkish coast, have seen nearly a million people passing through.

The overall objective of our activities is to provide medical care for refugees arriving on the Greek islands, including women and children. We aim to establish health facilities, mobile and semi-fixed to help refugees to their arrival in Europe and during their transit on the islands. Thus, we allow them to continue the journey in the best health possible.

More than 545 000 refugees arrived between September and December 2015 in Greece, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The total number of arrivals in Greece since January 2015 exceed 950,000 people.

Lesvos island:

WAHA International arrived in Lesvos early September 2015 to evaluate the services provided to refugees by NGOs and humanitarian agencies in place. We noticed that the aid was concentrated in the southern part of the island and no bus was carrying the refugees from their arrival point on the north coast to the camps and registration offices in southern island. Refugees therefore sometimes had to walk for more than two days to reach the camps of Kara Tepe and Moria. Accordingly, WAHA decided to provide first aid assistance and medical care on the north coast, where no other aid organizations were present.

At Lesvos, we have received great support from the city hall, the Greek Ministry of Health, UNHCR and various volunteer groups. End of September, coordination has been greatly improved and two transit camps were set up in the north of the island: camp Oxy and Skalla camp.

Samos Island: On the island of Samos, WAHA opened a fixed health clinic in the port of Vathi, the main transit point for migrants to provide medical assistance and basic elements for refugees arriving at night (blankets , hot drinks, water, food, socks, etc.). We also opened a playground for children in front of the clinic to give them a place to spend time.

Chios Island: On the island of Chios, we opened a mobile clinic late October to meet the sudden increase of arrivals (more than 70,000 from January to October 2015 and 20 000 in October). WAHA has now two medical teams in Chios, one for the clinic and the other on the lifeboat.