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WAHA International is working in partnership with the Nigeria National Fistula Project to provide medical treatment to fistula patients and to train surgeons in fistula repair surgery.


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with over 140 million people. This, coupled with a high maternal death rate, leads Nigeria to have the highest number of maternal deaths in the world after India.

In 2008, an estimated 50,000 women in Nigeria died in pregnancy, childbirth or shortly after. Approximately 70% of all births occur in the rural sector, where less than a quarter have access to a skilled birth attendant. According to the latest UN estimates, one out of 29 every women will die in childbirth.

Source: WHO Country Cooperation Strategy NigeriaWHO Global Health Observatory Database


WAHA has developed a partnership with the Nigerian National Project for Fistula Treatment, based at the Babbar Rugar Fistula Teaching Hospital in Katsina, and represented by its General Director, Dr Kees Waaldjik. The Nigerian National Project for Fistula Treatment is the world's biggest obstetric fistula treatment programme and considered a trailblazer in the region. Doctors from other African countries are trained here so they can help women back home. Besides medical care, the Nigeria National Project for Fistula Treatment also offers services to help women integrate back into society.

The Nigerian National Fistula Treatment Project carry out approximately 125 surgical interventions for fistula repair every month. Since the beginning of our collaboration in March 2010, around 2250 patients have been operated.

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