Dr. Abiy Legesse

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Gynecologist, Assela Fistula Care Center in Ethiopia

Dr Abiy is a gynecologist who graduated from Jimma University in Ethiopia. He worked at the Addis Abeba Fistula Hospital for several years, under the supervision of Dr Mulu Muleta before he moved to Assela Hospital a few months ago. He has recently been actively involved in the partnership between Assela Hospital and WAHA International to create the new Assela Fistula Care Center, which was launched in June 2010.

Few months ago, he was contacted by Dr Mulu who was her mentor during his training years. She proposed him a partnership to build a fistula care center in Assela. He convinced the President of the Medicine Faculty and wrote the Memorandum of Understanding and it was accepted. If the Assela Fistula Care Center is a success, he took a great part in it.