Nadine Waltman-Harmon 20.April A small amount ($20.U.S) is withdrawn each month from my PayPal account to support the Fistual Foundation. I have been to Ethiopia several times and have taught in Tanzania. I know that African women do beautiful hand work. One of my dear friends Dr. Kassahun was executed by Mengistu and I know Kassahun was from Gondar area. I would like to start sending embroidery thread, yarn and stamped designs to the fistula patients at your hospital. Is that possible? Or is there a need? If you are interested in me doing that please contact me with address/or any information I need. I have The Hospital by the River, Half the Sky and Cutting for Stone in my library so I know and understand how important your work is. Thank you for helping women wherever you go. God Bless you, Mulu. Sincerely, Nadine

Asmamaw Tsegaye 08.April Hello Dr Mulu Muleta I am one of Gondar university student of this year graduate unfortunately I am working my paper on cases of Fistula @ Gondar University Hospital so if you can pleas try to help me by giving information's as well as data regarding Fistula???? Pls

mealt 25.March this lady is so amazing, keep it up good work we need more of ur kind

Dr.Michael Kahlert 15.February Dear college Dr. Mulu, as a 60 years old german general and orthopedic surgeon who worked in Tanzania for nearly 3 years between 1978 and 1981 I am seriously interested to work again in a third world country. At the moment I´m trying to prepare myself learning those procedures that are not common in our countries : the repair of obstetric fistula seems to be one of the main problems.. therefore I´d like to know if You can tell me those organisations which can offer a 2-3-weeks - hospitation in any African Fistula- Clinic....( East Africa would be best, because my Swahili- knowledge is still quite good..but even a fracophone country would be o.k.) hope to hear from You soon .with kindest regards Dr.Michael Kahlert (Germany)

Dr. Mulu Muleta

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Dr Mulu Muleta joined WAHA in 2009 as Senior Medical Advisor for WAHA International and is based in Addis Ababa. Mulu has been instrumental in developing WAHA’s maternal and neonatal health projects in different settings in Ethiopia, including Gondar Region in the northwest of the country.

Mulu trained as an Obstetric Surgeon in Ethiopia, and has spent the last 18 years treating women with fistula in Africa. She has completed a Masters degree in Public Health at the Institute of Antwerp in Belgium and holds a PhD from Bergen in Norway.

Prior to joining WAHA, Mulu worked with various national and international institutions, including the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, and most recently with the UNFPA coordinating a Masters level training program for health officers (task shifting of emergency obstetric and surgical care). Mulu has published several articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, including the Lancet, the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the East African Medical Journal and the Ethiopian Medical Journal, and her career has also been profiled in the Lancet. In 2009, Mulu received an award from International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) in recognition of her lifetime services. Mulu is currently Vice-President of the International Society of Fistula Surgeons and co-chair of the FIGO Committee on Fistula.

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