Dr. Nessy Basimike

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Dr. Nessy Basimike Mushengezi, gynecologist and surgeon.

Dr. Basimike is a specialist in gynecological surgery and fistula repair and has been with WAHA International in Somalia and Chad since 2012. He trained at the Panzi Hospital in Congo ( and in Addis Ababa.

From 2004 to 2007 he worked at the department of obstetrics and gynecology in Panzi Hospital, where he supported victims of sexual violence and women who suffered from urogenital fistulas.

Seeking to bring his medical skills to rural areas, Dr. Basimike left the urban Panzi hospital in Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu Province in the Democratic Rebuplique of Congo, and created a fistula treatment center at the Kaziba General Hospital with support from the UNFPA and USAID. During his five years at Kaziba Hospital he was often called for consultancy, treatment and training at other hospitals in South Kivu Province.

In June 2012 Dr. Besimike joined WAHA International in Somalia where he provided valuable assistance to the maternal and child health program in Hanano Hospital in Mogadishu. Besides providing surgeries for childbirth related injuries in Mogadishu, he also undertook missions to the Dadaab camps in Kenya and Bosaso in the Puntland state of Somalia.

Dr. Basimike is currently in Chad where his mission is to increase access to obstetric and postpartum care, including performing fistula surgeries in the National Center for Reproductive Healthcare and Fistula in N'djamena Chad.

Dr. Basimike’s effort to fight fistula in the African continent is remarkable. During his carrier he has performed over 2000 surgeries related to fistula or childbirth injuries.