Abdullahi Kimogol Gobanae

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Abdullahi Kimogol Gobanae is a pediatric clinician with 14 years experience of clinical practice in various government hospitals as well as with NGOs across Kenya.

Abdullahi also has extensive experience in training clinical health workers, having been a Senior Clinical Instructor for implementing the guidelines of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses in all eight provinces in Kenya, and having also trained rural health workers while working with WHO/UNICEF. Dr Abdullahi also has expertise in improving routine immunization services and surveillance for polio and measles.

Before joining WAHA International to work in Somaliland, Abdullahi was working closely with various partners including the Kenyan and Sudanese governments, CDC,WHO, UNICEF,DANIDA and IRC-Kakuma refugee camp, GTZ-Dadaab refugee camp, in order to implement child survival strategies.